Eddie’s New Novel

Eddie Yves Infeccion has been writing fiction for years. The last ten years he has spent working on a single novel. This work has caused him great consternation. We spoke with Eddie recently about his work in progress.

Writing Disorder: Eddie, how is the book coming along?

Eddie: Not so good. I don’t think I’m going to be able to finish it.

WD: Why not?

Eddie: Too many distractions.

WD: Such as?

Eddie: Well, here’s a typical scenario for me. I’m sitting at my computer all ready to work. And just to get warmed-up, I may scan the Internet or pick up a magazine or newspaper for some news. So last week, I was in the middle of my first new paragraph in months, when I took a small break and came across this story in the business section of my local newspaper. It said that they’re coming out with all these new kinds of (chewing) gums for people to buy. And one gum in particular really caught my attention. They have this new gum that changes flavors. Isn’t that great? It could be strawberry but then it’s peach. Or, it could be cherry and it turns to grape. See what I’m saying? The possibilities are endless. And then I asked myself, how long does the first flavor last? How long does the second flavor last? How long is the entire experience? Is life that much better now because we have this great new gum that changes flavors?

WD: I see. And what flavors were you thinking of when you read this story? Which flavors do you want to see?

Eddie: I like bubblegum the most. And second is spearmint. But is that even possible, or would it even taste good? I don’t know. Bubblegum is pretty awesome, but to switch it up and suddenly taste spearmint, that might be a bit shocking for the mouth. It might cause taste-bud shock. My book, coincidentally, is about that subject. Well, one of my characters is overcome by taste-bud shock, and dies. I can’t give any more away, though. It’s pretty much finished in my head. I have the whole book worked out. But on paper, in actual words, I don’t have much. I had a title at one point. But that’s gone. I like to live my character’s life first before I put them down on the page. So I thought, if I could just try this gum, maybe contact the manufacturers and get an early preview, maybe it would help me see my characters clearer, and I could start to work again. But gum manufacturers are such a paranoid bunch, they think everyone is out to steal their ideas. I’m not a gum guy by any means. I have no interest in going into that business. Sure, I’d like a tour of a gum factory, and maybe get to meet some of those fine people who come up with all that stuff. But seriously, I’m a writer, I write fiction books that don’t sell. So give me a break, Gum Lords, I just want a little taste.

WD: Eddie we would like to speak with you more about this subject, but we’ve run out of time. Can we talk to you again next week?

Eddie: Sure, I’ll be right here where you left me, thinking about how I’m going to finish this book, and when I’m going to taste that gum. If there’s anyone out there who can help me find some of this new two-flavored gum, contact me here through this site. Thanks very much.

WD: Good luck, Eddie.

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